Sa-yo-na-ra Dave Zischang, Have a Nice Day…Somewhere Else

You’ve worn out your welcome in Pottstown, and we can see what’s on your mind.

Dave Z underestimated his poor working class tenants – that was his second mistake** His first mistake was underestimating the borough’s License and Inspections Department.

According to MontCo property records:   Sept. 2012 Dave purchased 233 N. Evans St. for $17,000.  Last year, in Feburary, Dave bought 223 N. Evans St. – paid $20,000 for that property.

Slithering in the shadows of the former Pottstown Codes Department, this greedy sidewider converted the single family homes into boarding houses then…

He lay in wait for his prey.

I bumped into an old friend last week, a member of the working class of the “invisible” poor in Pottstown…

“By the way, Cockroach,” said my friend,  “seeing you now reminds me I want to tell you about an experience I had, recently, renting a room from a man named Dave Zischang”.

Let’s go indoors and get warm, said I…

Comfy and settled, I grabbed my notebook and pen as this horror story unfolded on a frigid February day, over hot tea and cocoa…

One after the other the “working poor” were enticed to Dave’s <relatively> affordable rooms.  The rooms were ok, newly “remodeled” they were, at least, clean.

Dave Z banked on the fact that these people would have little money for big deposits, but he took deposits from them, nonetheless.   He banked on the ignorance of his renters to understand their rights under PA State Landlord Tenant Laws.   Yep, Vultures like Dave know their prey…


They know their vulnerabilities, partly, because there are plenty of “get rich quick schemes about how to screw Pottstown” and a plethora of real estate agents around here that will show “investors” their underhanded tactics, (see my last post).

As another local friend aptly said, sometime back: “Most people in Pottstown are only one slumlord away from homelessness.”  And the people who take advantage of them are soul-less, sub-human slime mold. 

My friend & former renter at 233 thought he could safely shelter through what was shaping up to be an extraordinarily harsh winter.   No application, no apparent background check, Dave was satisfied to ask prospective renters if they had a criminal history.  Once the money for the rent and deposit were in his hand, “Money Orders Only,”  it made very little difference to him if any of the housemates had criminal records – because that’s how people like Dave roll.

Dave Z was not happy when he learned that the L & I Department had been tipped off and his unpermitted, unregistered, illegal money makers at 223 & 233 N. Evans were discovered –  233 is a structure that had no smoke alarms, no fire extinguisher in the shared kitchen AND not even a kitchen sink.

Relentlessly, the January polar vortex encased the borough in ice, snow, frozen rain and below 0 temps but…

In the cozy, predicable warmth of our homes, cars and work places, we grumbled about the inconveniences of the ice and cold while the news that Dave Z’s renters learned, (through the grapevine), on the 16th of January was most unsettling…

DAVE ZISCHANG’S RENTERS LEARNED THAT THEY HAD ONLY NINE DAYS to find shelter in a town where, under the best of circumstances, there is minimal opportunity for safe, affordable housing AND…

These were not the best of circumstances.  Most of Dave’s tenants walked to their jobs and back, unable to afford cars and the upkeep.  Bus schedules don’t conform to the hours of shift work and many working poor walk miles to and from their jobs that they cannot afford to miss, even for a day, my friend explained.

Living – barely – pay check to pay check the working poor go about their business of survival, largely unnoticed by anyone, while they struggle with every little detail of keeping their heads above water.  They may be the clerk at your local grocery store or the friendly hello behind the drive up window at McDonald’s AND chances are, they are living way below the standards that you would be comfortable with…

We tend to notice the very poor renters who are given voucher housing, we are annoyed and disrupted by some of their destructive, ungrateful activities.  We can’t help but notice the homeless, who linger aimlessly in our retail business district, feeling sorry or annoyed when we encounter them and we’re “hit up” for money.


But the working poor in Pottstown are rarely acknowledged except by people like Dave, real estate investor sharks that circle these people like lunch…… just waiting to gobble them up – whole.

Exhausted and worried about what they would do and where they could go, the housemates lamented:

How would they find the time and the means to look for housing? Where would the funds come from after they’d given their deposits and rent money to David Z, (who’d already indicated he had no intention of returning a penny).

 Everything was made that much more complicated by the sub-zero temps, the dangerous conditions and the lack of transportation for some.

 th-4Dave Z, as told to me by my friend, developed a nervous tick, (not to be confused with growing a conscience), when he understood that the borough can actually fine him $1000 a day/at minimum for housing people in unregulated, uninspected housing in Pottstown. So…

He did what any repugnant greed monger, (and many real estate agents around here), would do when the borough discovered his dirty deeds…

 He intimidated and threatened his renters, 

He vowed to change the locks on the doors to their rooms keeping them from their possessions.    

He threatened to REMOVE the doors from their private rooms leaving them exposed to their housemates.

If all else failed, he threatened to call Peco and have the electric shut off if they didn’t leave by the 26th of January – hoping to freeze them to death? REALLY?  That’s one way to empty the house but…

Eviction was the only legal way to do it and the Judge could have ordered Dave to give the tenants back their deposits, at least.  


With all the disdain and mean spiritedness of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas,  Dave tiptoed around, letting himself into his renters private spaces, (when they were not home), where – – one by one he plucked the cable t.v. boxes from the wall –  NO MORE T.V. for you poor, unfortunate Who’s – get outta my house now ****


Dave was caught by one of the housemates inside someone’s private room while they were gone one day, (Mr. Z, of course, had keys to everyone’s rooms).  By way of excuse, Dave said he was hoping to sabotage one of the female residents that he claimed was hiding from him, refusing to open her door to him because she didn’t want to pay her rent.”

But the woman told my friend that Dave had other, repulsive ideas about how she could “work-off her rent.”  ***My guess is – she was hiding in her room because she was afraid and disgusted.

th-5At that point in the story, I just had to ask:  “so, what does Dave Zischang look like?”  My friend replied:

 “Well… if you found Red Skelton attractive and you happen to have a thing for bald men with 3″ of greasy fringy hair around the edges, who wear nothing but sweatpants then … um …


 over the outrageous visual my friend had created with words and facial expressions – – –  finding a small grain of humor in an otherwise very sad and frightening story!!



Like most parasitic slimelords, Dave has NO redeeming social value to Pottstown.  Like so many of his ilk, he has LOTS and LOTS of friend connections, on his facebook page, with Keller Williams Real Estate Agents.

He has a photo of himself sitting on his Harley motorcycle on his page and beneath that, in the comments, he let’s his…



 FREAK FLAG fly, using the “N” word to describe the condition of his Harley motorcycle, as in:  it had not been “N_ _ _erd”.

What a frickin’ creep.

 Zischang did ‘Histhang’ on the low-down in Pottstown because he’s unscrupulous AND because there’s nobody living around his properties who gives a damn.  Almost every other house around is run down and dangerous looking –  populated, no doubt, with renters who could care less about what Dave was up to.

This is a BIG clue, and I do mean BIG

Borough council MUST waste no more time they MUST look beyond the tip of their noses to stop this ongoing infiltration of slumlords and trash before it’s too late.  I can gurantee that where there’s two illegal boarding houses discovered – there are 5 more hiding right beneath your noses.

Strong neighborhoods comprised of homeowners, good landlords, tenants, legal enterprise and people who care about Pottstown CAN make the difference.

Dave would never, never have gotten away with chopping single family homes into boarding house rooms on my block, I assure you.

Dave Zischang fancies himself a Remodling Guru.  If this photo accurately portrays the quality of his work, he’s got two sets of standards…

One for Pottstown and one for Souderton and anywhere else he works…


Dave Zischang did his level best to keep the houses looking “single family” on the outside with one mailbox for all to share and a single  electric meter, (admonishing his tenants not to use the utilities beyond a certain dollar figure).  The ghetto quality of workmanship, exhibited in the photo’s below are probably all you really need to know.

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6 responses to “Sa-yo-na-ra Dave Zischang, Have a Nice Day…Somewhere Else

  1. What the author conveniently leaves out is the stories about tenants not paying their rent on time, doing drugs in their rented rooms, and their destruction of property which Dave had to constantly fix. This article is clear defamation of character and should be removed unless both sides of the story are clearly told. Bottom line is before you crucify this landlord know all the facts involved.

    • Jean, we want you to know that we are flabbergasted by your comment. We would have thought that under the guidance of one or two of Dave Z’s Keller Williams real estate pals, he would have completely understood the nature of running an illegal boarding house. In Pottstown, that usually means drugs, scammers and tenants that get a bit frisky, from time to time, with the fixtures. Of course good background checks, rental registration and tenant lists could have prevented some of those trials and tribulations that poor Dave had to go through.

      With there being an illegal rental or 5 on nearly every block up near Dave’s illegal rentals, it would seem that merely being exposed to that environment he would have understood the nature of the game. Heck, we don’t own rental property in Pottstown and even WE know the pitfalls. Nevertheless..

      We’d like to reassure Mr. Z that we ment no callousness in mistaking to quantify his hardships. It must have been torture trying to turn the properties into illegal boarding houses, always looking over his shoulder to see if a stray codes person was going to wander by and accidentally notice his activity or sweatin’ bullets that the rare homeowner would observe that there wasn’t a building permit in the window. Mr. Z probably had to give up a few nice weekend rides with his buddies. We are bad people and we feel shame for not acknowledging how hard this has been for Dave.

      Maybe he can look at it this way, it’s lucky that none of his dismal, rent avoiding tenants burned the illegal places down in drug induced hazes and then had the nerve to get injured or die on his property, HOLY COW, something like that could put a fella out of the illegal boarding house business forever!!

      It’s pretty likely that he hasn’t had to pay a fine, up to $1000 per room or do any jail time either. Lucky for him, the Rental Ordinance is just another pretty piece of paper in Pottstown. Nevertheless…

      In an effort to remain in good standing, let Mr. Z know that we give him unlimited space, right here on this blog, to tell his side of the story and we won’t charge him a single penny. We just want to help people like Dave get the attention that they deserve.

    • I thought it was connected to the really shabby wood frame structure next to it on the S. side by Fecera’s but when I looked very carefully there was like a 3″ space between them – not sure if they are a package deal or not.

  2. Looks like he ascribes to “panty sniffers” mentality that the people in Pottstown deserve to be treated like crap because they are poor. There is a special place in HELL for people like this.

    • Yes there is a place reserved for them in hell and there’s a sign pointing the way:


      The thing is this woman didn’t call police and she should have if Dave had ideas about how she could compensate him for her rent. These people feel so disempowered, exhausted, afraid, and on the edge that they don’t feel like they have any protection under the law but they do…

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