March 2014 UPDATED: Current List of Pottstown SLUMLORDS

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January, 2014

YOUR LANDLORD CANNOT keep your property for back rent or if you are unable to get it all before your move out date.  PA State Landlord/Tenant Law & Act 129 of 2012 spells out the legal requirements of landlords and tenants.  THE MORE YOU KNOW the better you can protect your rights.  Don’t let the slumlords in Pottstown intimidate you – there are many reports from tenants this winter of illegal strongarm evictions & threats:    

THERE IS ONLY ONE…way to legally evict a tenant.  If your landlord is bullying you or threatening to have the cops meet him/her at your rental to help him throw you out –  UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS, read the landlord/tenant handbook, below. 

Understand your responsibilities as a renter and make sure your landlord is REGISTERED with the Borough, if they are not, report them to your ward representative or the borough manager.  If your ward rep/councilperson doesn’t reply to your email or return your phone call, send the cockroach an email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Borough Hall – 100 High St.

Mark Flanders, Borough Manager - 610-970-6511

Council/Your Ward Representatives <click>

Pottstown:   Residential Rental License Ordinance <click>

Last month, Montgomery County Commissioners held a Town Hall style meeting at the Community College.  Voucher housing was a topic of concern for residents in Pottstown.  The commissioners assured the community that if there are problems with the tenants of voucher housing, or the landlords themselves they are open to hearing from you.

Josh Shapiro, Chairman

Leslie Richards

Bruce Castor

Joel Johnson, Head of MontCo Voucher Housing

THINK TWICE  before you sign a lease with a Property Management Co., Real Estate Agency acting as Manager or vague corporations with names like:  ABC Group, LP or LLC.  Criminal slumlords can hide behind these corps and managers while they ply their disgusting business practices to your detriment. 




<click below>



If you don’t understand your rights as a renter after reading the law,  leave a comment on this page with your questions. We’ll do the research and post the answers for everyone to read.

To learn if your current or future landlord has a history of not paying their mortgages, taxes and municipal fees:   <Click on the link Below> Enter their name.

Enter A Landlord’s Name Here

Other useful links help you learn about your neighbors or house mates in an apartment home, (maybe even your landlord). <click on the links below>: 

MontCo Most Wanted/Bench Warrants

Docket Sheets – Criminal Charges, etc.

Megan’s List

UPDATE:  2/1/2012    We were recently made aware of the fact that when rental property inspections are made, Codes DOES NOT inspect the furnace or the electrical panel box.  It is strongly suggested – before you sign a lease and move into a new apartment/house:

INSIST on a professional inspection of these systems or ask the landlord for CURRENT, (not over a year old), documentation that they have been inspected and found to be safe.  


We’ve been notified of a situation, recently, where even a respectable landlord over-looked the importance of dependable, safe heat and electric service when renting to a new tenant.  Luckily, when the oil company arrived to fill the tank they noticed the danger and the good landlord bent over backward to have it repaired.


In Pennsylvania, “IMPLIED HABITABILITY” is the law:


Carbon Monixide Poisoning Can Be Fatal

Don’t let this Happen to You

Here’s a helpful tidbit from MSN:

Don’t fall for these 10 crazy landlord claims

Your landlord has a legal obligation to you and to the rental agreement you both signed. Learn about some of the false claims a landlord may make – and the truth behind them.

Print out this CHECK LIST BEFORE You Sign a Lease and MOVE IN.  Ask the landlord to do a walk through with you and sign off that he/she is aware of the conditions – Take Photo’s – Before you move in and when you move out.  This can protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

The Top Ten Tenant’s Rights: Yes Renters Have Rights, Too

Apartment Renters Rights

You can lose your housing if your rental property owner does NOT pay the water:




FINALLY, Here’s the List:

 FEATURED SLUMLORDS with links to corresponding blog posts about their activities in our community:


3/16/2014 Nuisance Renters/Slum PropertiesEssam (Sam) Schedid

3/16/2014 Strong arm evictionAlan Kocotas

2/8/2014 Illegal Boarding Houses/Strong Arm Evictions – David A. Zischang

12/2013  Deadbeat, tax delinquent - QAC, Inc. Principals:  Mr. & Mrs. Zhu

11/2013  James Adair, Jr.


6/1/13 Christopher and Jennifer Levy

5/8/13  Our first, 2013, inductee to the slumlord page of shame is Albert Dunn.  In November, 2012 Mr. Dunn was nominated by the Mayor, Bonnie Heath, to the Human Relations Commission.  Mr. Dunn also claims to have worked for Fair Housing.  He perused me with an interest in opening a Fair Housing office for Pottstown.   I am disappointed to learn he is a slumlord and I am beyond disappointment in the complete failure of the management of this borough to address unsafe, dangerous properties and the property owners.

11/7/12  William Fretz, Jr.

8/2012 Alan Childs

6/29/12  Kenneth Kaufman

6/7/12 Frank McLaughlin, McLaughlin Brothers, FM Development, FMRR Development

Jeff & Lisa Clark

Debra L. Lacava & Douglas J. Campbell  - Keller Williams Real Estate/ Rental Management

Loffredo and Faye Denolf

Andrew Soule (Owner Homerun Renovations, Lansdale, is NOT REGISTERED WITH Attny General)

DECEASED 2013 – Joshua Owheya Now on the May 2012 list:  106 N. Warren St. 

Gustave Meyer III

Marc Simmons


Mark and State Rep. Marcy Toepel  Mark is a Re/Max agent


Todd Davenport **Toepel Link  NOW ON THE MAY 2012 DEADBEAT SLUMLORD LIST 364 HIGH ST.

Stephen Strickland **Toepel Link

Wat Wilson

Pamela Walker/David Bradley 

Werner R. Koller dba: Venetian Bayou

Glen or Gary Russell/Russell Management

Richard Shinner III

NOTE TO PROPERTY OWNERS:  If your name is on this list and you’ve taken responsibility to improve the circumstances at your rental properties we’ll remove your name and take down the corresponding blog page.

Demonstrate improvements for a ONE YEAR consecutive period:

-no codes violations on any property you own or manage in Pottstown

-no current liens or foreclosures

-responsible tenants and no police incident reports

58 responses to “March 2014 UPDATED: Current List of Pottstown SLUMLORDS

  1. Joseph Miner Aka All cities realty is a total slumlord. He takes advantage of people by threats of lawsuits and eviction. Comes in your house and snoops when your not there. Does not provide working smoke detectors or fix anything.

  2. I would like to see Alisa Levin on this list. She manages many properties using intimidation and psychology on young people to gain rent and provide less than standard living arrangements. There are boards nailed over her emergency fire lights on second floor stairwell at 145 N. Evans Street (in an attempt to stop the dregs of society that frequent there from using her electricity.) There are drug dealers living in the building and the store below (345 Beech st) breeds every vermin in town. I am sure this is due to the store owners prior infractions for selling cigarettes on the food stamp program which I am certain he still does. Wires are exposed in the units children live in and her maintenance man is a recovering addict (who relapsed) working for a local rehab in Pottstown. His girlfriend likes to threaten anyone she can get her hands on. The codes department thanks you for your tips but then turns a blind eye and allows the landlord to turn over her properties within a week from the other tenants (who still have active leases) leaving. This woman should be ran out of town and sent back to Quakertown where her family lives in the lap of luxury. POTTSTOWN OFFICIALS AND JUDGES REFORM THIS NOW BEFORE WE GO OVER YOUR HEADS TO A FEDERAL AGENCY !!!!
    Sincerely and Serious,
    Sick !

    • PS. She goes under the name NIK CHAD LLC. Her investors is the excuse she uses when intimidating clients. I asked to speak to said investors and she says simply, NO.

  3. I hope that all the landlords are starting to realize that they need to clean up their act or nobody’s going to renting properties. Honestly as a renter and dealing with a slumlord now; I ask myself :Why do people hae properties if they can’t afford them”. It just pisses me off that I don’t hae a working radon system, I hae mold in my ceiling with a hint of wood rot, I hae a leaking toilet, I hae a leaking faucet and on top of that now it’s affecting my health. Do you guys NOT care about how tentants are treated or what. I’m sick of it and I’m doing something about it this week. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from radon poisoning. I’m disgusted that my landlord makes 3xs as much as my husband and I and he can’t take care of our property. Three and a half years now here and we went from one to the next slumlord. Get your shit together and stop making yourseles look bad. I’m sick of hearing about all these bad properties. Take care of your properties and your tenants. I don’t wish my situation on ANYBODY AT ALL!

  4. I am not sure if this is a place to post this or not. I live at 538 E High St in Pottstown. A property that Deb Campbell used to own. The new temp owner (who has owned it for a year) is Specht Realty. The Property Manager is Ron Baily. Since Specht and Mr.Baily have taken over, this propery has really went down the drain. It has really turned into a dump. There are roaches, that they seem to refuse to call an exterminator for, but yet one the maintenance guys sprays for them. We have not had a codes inspection for over a year. Nothing gets done like it should. Anyway this can be looked into further for possible slum lord status?

    • Scott, THANK YOU for your post. YES. You posted in exactly the right place. We are aware of other issues with the management um…shall we say…”style” of Ron Bailey AND he’s working for Malvern Federal Savings Bank who has a LEGAL obligation to maintain the property. Is it ok to contact you by your email address? I’d like to get some details for a full blown post about these problems. Or, you can email me at THANKS AGAIN!!

  5. In reading, pa. a property manager by the name RJ (484) 721 8451 or 516 833 0732. Gave him $500 deposit with the promise of new carpet in bedrooms and kitchen cabinets but gone none. when i asked for my money back, he called the police and filed a “report” which was a lie. Still dont have my security deposit back and my step-son is special needs and we need to move now.

    • Michael, did you document everything as in writing a check or getting a receipt for cash? File a police report for theft. Do you have a receipt or a cancelled check? You can also file against him in small claims court but without evidence it’s his word against yours. Never give a landlord money for repairs. If repairs are needed you can escrow the money until the work is done. Understand your rights under PA law, there’s a link in this blog post.

  6. Never move in sunnycreast manor apt also known as 725 hixon they do not take care of place they are bed bug infested mold and led the ceiling leaks and electric problems they let the apt go they don’t do work in apts code enforsement closed down apt landlord don’t care so don’t rent to them unless u want to deal with many problems

  7. Do not rent from lamar ingram he does not pay anybody to get rid of vermin mice and roaches were a big problem when my boyfriend at the time rented from him not only that but he threw away all of my belongings and changed the locks when I was gome all of which happened before our court date went through regarding what he claimed I owed him.Be warned and take it seriously.He did not maintain the property I stayed in.He is a huge slumlord because mice are really unsanitary when not domesticated.His name is nor capitalized because I hace no respect for him.

    • Thanks for your comment Deedee. Where are his rental properties located? We could find no listings on the property records for Montgomery County. It is helpful to would be renters to know the addresses too!! Thanks.

  8. Happy anniversary Frank!

    It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since the borough started investigating your felony theft. Of course you have probably celebrated a few more anniversaries on the beginning of your little felony venture prior to being caught…but I guess we are not all as bright as you obviously are. Anyway, I’m sure you have been brought to justice by now, so I just wanted to say thanks for coming clean and paying what you owe the good people of Pottstown.

  9. I am. so happy with my current landlords…Doug Campbell and his partner Helen Sage. They not only made my aparment a beautiful place to live, they turned the entire building around. Its clean, safe and filled with great people. Anything you need they are right there getting it done for you. I bet every tenant would absolutely agree. WE LOVE YOU DOUG AND HELEN! Thank you for caring about your tenants.

    • …AND your point would be? That Doug has a new partner? Yawn. OK. There are still 22 open civil cases pending against Doug and Deb out of 32 counts. A history of default judgments, tax liens and municipal liens going back to 2004. Toss of the dice – maybe your luck will hold. Best to you.

      • I wanted to thank my landlords, you are just a sad women who doesnt want to see the positive in anyone. yes he has a new partner and they are great, hard working, caring people. Doug wasnt managing this building in the past but he is now and he did a great job. You can say whatever you want, but you can not take our opinion about Doug and Helen from us! You will never see a bad comment from anyone who rents from Helen and Doug. more tenants will comment on how happy we all are. BTW if things are improving and people are happy….whats your issue?

        • She wasn’t trying to damper your graciousness. It’s just that there are so many open cases and problems that they created she just wants to make sure your not getting the short end of the stick.

      • Hwy….no, tell me it just ain’t so???? Are you thinking…did you say….that “Happy Tenant” AND Helen Sage are other Deb Campbell personalities?

  10. Ed and Dana Steirly will be renting or saling 118 Sunrise Dr. Pottstown, Pa. 19464. Beware This Property Flood a Full foot of water regulary.The plumbing system is terrible. You are guarenteed to have your toilet back up in the basement at least every 2 months. No amout of septic cleaning will fix this according rotor rooter. My family and I lived in this house. I have plumbing receipt for days. Mold grows freaquently and the electric is also horrible. The house will not pass inspectin and thats public info.

  11. MERCEDES Capizzi & Tom Capizzi 6 18 WEST Lafayette STREET NORRISTOWN PA 19401…..BED BUGS. Public record on file Beware Stay AWAY CAUTION >>>>>>

  12. I am so glad that you have exposed these slumlords. What do think of the norriswood apts. In norristown pa? I am thinking about moving there. Pls let me know. Thanxs. Bhrenda

    • We need an address or owner name and we can do some research on the apartments. We are located in Pottstown so it’s a bit more challenging to find stuff in Norristown. However, read the section about your rights, talk to other tenants, visit the apartment complex during different times of the day and night AND file TWO Right To Know Forms with the Norristown Borough Manager’s office. If you can send them over the internet you can get electronic information back and there is no charge. If you pick the copies up at the office there is a per page charge.

      Form 1 goes to the Police Department: All police reports or CAD incident reports at __________(address) From January 2011 to January 2012 This will give you an idea if there are alot of disruptions and crime there.

      Form 2 goes to the Codes Enforcement Department: All Codes violations at _________(address) between January 2011 and January 2012 and any outstanding violations that have not been rectified by the owner.

  13. I have worked at a Pottstown district court for 11 years…..I know many of these landlords listed……I also know of drawers full of code violation citations, etc for the slumlords/landlords of this town – past and present………
    I am now in danger of getting my water turned off for the 2nd time in a 3 month period…..this time for not paying my bill in full – $25 owed plus the $50 late payment and my broken sidewalk from turning my water off.
    This town has really disappointed me…..I grew up here and have paid my own water bill for at least 30 years with no problems
    See my comment on FB
    This town is going to Pott!!!!!

  14. It seems the landlords won because they buy houses so cheap.I want the value of my home to increase but I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.Why does everyone fight instead of working together?

    • Gina, from our perspective, greed changes people. People who may, (in every other regard), be sensible, conscientious representatives of the human race have become irrational at the perceived threat to their unfettered financial gain. Fighting isn’t necessary but working together with shared goals, goodwill, and abiding concern for the common good of Pottstown is essential. Until that is accomplished, we will error on the side of good tenants, good landlords, and homeowners who find themselves unable to sell their properties, taxed to the hilt for the budgetary shortfalls of a community that has not been pro-active in charging, at the source, for over use of the services of our school district, police, codes, trash, etc. We need immediate attention and action on those details. The slumlords haven’t won, there has been a calm before the storm…we can all be winners and landlords can still be profitable.

      • Here is why I am the loser in Pottstown.I bought my home in 2000.I paid my mortgage for ten years.My home has been on the market for over six months and only two people looked at it.One landlord said it was priced too high and had no interest.The other landlord only made an offer when my realtor pushed him.The offer was 1/2 of what is owed.He told my landlord homes are inexpensive in Pottstown because investors are no longer buying.After reading all the comments and all the fighting I see I have no hope.I need to move to Florida to take care of my elderly parents and might have to just leave the home empty.Do you know anyone who buys homes?

    • Yes Mike, feathers in an uproar and knickers in a bunch! It’s a minor discomfort compared to the contribution slumlords make to the community: heartache, loss, fear, and economic injustice of living in and around their slum properties.

      Safe, functional HOUSING IS AN ESSENTIAL HUMAN RIGHT. We believe that economic human rights and landlord/tenant relationship is often unfair. We hear of renters being forced to pay more when slum property owners show up at their place of employment demanding additional money. We’ve seen environments plagued by mold, leaking sewer pipes in living quarters, rodent infestations, cockroach infestations … broken out windows in the dead of winter protected only by cardboard or plastic bags. ENOUGH.

      In the coming year we will be aligning with PA tenants unions, access to attorney’s who specialize in tenant/landlord issues, and developing strong support networks as well as offering good, conscientious landlords a space to connect with good tenants. Good things to come!!


      • I am selling a property in North Coventry. It’s my late father’s home. I have thought about selling my home in the east end of Pottstown and moving to Norco, however, I have spoken to 3 different real estate brokers, and they said it will be a lot easier to sell the Norco home. One of the main reasons is that rental properties in Pottstown have dragged down property values. I was born in Pottstown 57 years ago, and have seen the boom and bust of Pottstown. Rental properties are not the only cause, but they have not helped any.

        • Yes Mike. Rental properties are not the only cause but a much bigger part of the picture than some choose to believe. Negative rental property investors have been opportunistic. They have taken advantage of the protections afforded them by a historically weak local government, Montgomery County who has defied federal housing law by concentrating low-income housing in our community, and on up the very long list of agencies that have neglected their duty to Pottstown. There has been nobody to stick up for this community, nobody to call attention to the illegalities of this system. We’re calling on the people of Pottstown to stand strong, speak as one voice and put an end to the travesty of neglect. We all pay dearly.

  15. Lol. Still hiding behind a screen name. There are a lot of debs in the world and deb c is not good mom mark my word. Its a shame instead of trying to do something positive and decent like reaching out to people personally to discuss issues they may have this site attacks people publicly. I’m not going to waste any more time on this. Tell katie I said hello and if she has any issues she would like to discuss she has my e mail or can respond to the private message I sent on facebook. I’m not hiding I’m right here and if you know of a problem with one of my buildings or tenant please contact me so I can address the situation. I’m out

    • Poor “good” landlords are upset. I haven’t read any posts from the almighty “good’ one since you have been pouting on this msg board.
      It looks as though both of you are “out”. Run, run away “good” landlords.

      ps From what I have heard it would take days to list all the problems w/ your bldgs.

      Happy New Year!

    • LOL??? We don’t really see what you find so funny about this Doug, is it just one of those silly “nervous ticks”? No worry, we understand.

      We call property owners when there’s a problem, IF they haven’t buried their contact information. But we will dig that information up and make the calls, if we can’t find the info we blog, we blog when we hear:

      “what are you calling me for, it’s not my problem, call the police, and why don’t you take pictures for me while your at it” or “hey, the tenants haven’t complained , why should you?” or how about “I’m gonna sue you for harassment,” (a perennial slumlord favorite), then there’s everybody’s favorite, “the borough doesn’t have a problem with me.” Smiling faces sometimes don’t tell the truth.

      Many of the slumlords listed above have been contacted, and as we’ve said, elsewhere on this blog, it’s as though there is a universal manual of irritating excuses for slumlords. We don’t get satisfaction from the phone calls, that’s why we started the blog.

      The other reason we started the blog is that we understand the limitations of our local, county, state and federal government and this isn’t about seeing how much you can get away with before the borough does something about it, it’s about doing what’s right because you have integrity, a solid business model, and respect for the rights of others.

      Maybe you can take that back to your investors group with an eye toward improving communications with the people that live in and around their properties! It can only make things better for everyone.

    • Wow! The “Good”landlords finally did something they said they would.
      No more posts here and surprise nothing from “Goodmom” on the Mercury. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is the real “Goodmom”.
      The way you kept your promise here by staying out should be the way you keep promises to your tenants!

      Happy New Year!

  16. I am a section 8 landlord in Pottstown and my tenants will ALL attest that my houses are in good repair. I fix everything required by inspections and more. ALL of my tenants will give me a good recommendation. I take care of them and the houses they live in. Contact me today to see if I have anything available.

    • Good heavens NO!! Why, we have a reputation to uphold.

      Slanderous? A term much overused and misunderstood. For example: although rumors abound, (regarding the private lives of Deb and Doug Campbell), you won’t read about them here. They aren’t “newsworthy” or of “legitimate public concern”. Clearly such rumors, (while entertaining fodder for the grapevine), are not relevant to the topic of slumlords and slum housing or educating the population about their legal rights. Furthermore, we don’t engage in sensationalism, just the facts maam…and only the facts. Have a good day.

    • would love to know which tenant you were so i can tell my side of the story. we have tenants living with us for 10 to 12 years and do our very best to treat evryone with respect and humanity. i love how everyone hides behind screen names

      • yea you always have a story and it’s never because you take the cheap easy way out. the people that just hang out coming going even at night at some of the houses you own are not working unles they make money on the street and we never felt safe either. your a hypocrite its ok for good mom to hide but nobody else and besides lots of people call good mom deb i read the newspaper comments i never saw good mom say she wasnt deb either. i know how she talks and i always think thats deb. your not better than other slumlords just louder

  17. lol? just a freaking garage? if that crap shack on fb was next door to your house it would be o.k for you? yeah so that’s the problem you don’t live in Pottstown you’re just skimming like goodmom, whoever that is (right) like good slumlords – count your cash pay your taxes to the irs? if somebody that rents from you has a problem with mold and leaks from the ceilings you get right on it to figure out where the leak is? no just cover it up with some bleech and kilz – right? ur a joke. i’m glad for this blog because of people like you doug and good mom too because the borough is only going to play patty cake with the slumlords so us renters got to have something to stick up for us.

  18. Whoever you are. You better stop attacking Deb Campbell as good mom, because it is not her and a bullshit slanderous attack. Stop attacking innocent people and get your facts straight. Oh and by the way it’s just a freaking garage in your facebook post, and if you ask me aside from a door that needs some repair I don’t see any trash in the Please remove your post and apoligize for your slanderous actions immediately and I will lay this to rest.
    Doug Campbell

    • Hey Doug we will stop calling Deb “Goodmom” but the name “Mary James” may slip out of our mouths. I knew you couldn’t keep your promise about staying away!

  19. I walked by 364 High a couple days ago – looked like most of the trash was cleaned up but the bums that hang out every day were still hanging. This ain’t right. The owners need to get rid of the riff raff if I was managing auto zone I’d be on the borough every day to get some action there it’s just plain creepy.

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