Questions of Credibility….

 “I Never Did give anybody hell.  I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”    

Harry S. Truman

This morning I removed parts of this blog post with regard for the objectivity and credibility that I work hard to maintain in the research and information I provide my readers.  Sometimes it is a delicate balance and…

I believe, after talking at length with a local friend and businessman, that I came down on the wrong side of the line when making my decision to put up the original post.

I’m not suggesting that taxpayers concerns for ethics and personal values of the people who work for us are not important, (the focus of the original blog),  because I believe they are.

Transparency in Pottstown local government is obscure, and that’s not working for taxpayers.  The dysfunction of council, management and many borough departments is self-evident in the crime statistics and conditions of the downtown retail areas and the surrounding neighborhoods.

With the “changing of the guard” well underway – a new borough manager, and the police captain most likely becoming the police chief, it’s important to express our concerns openly and often.

It IS our right to ask questions and expect answers.

 It is our right and our obligation to hold our leaders accountable:

-Accountable for the fact that Pottstown has one of the highest crime rates in Pennsylvania, (and the nation).

-Accountable for the run-a-muck income property investors and the damage/hardship they freely continue to ply in this community.

-Accountable for the borough employees who treat investors with favoritism and take favors from investors.

-Accountable for the conduct of borough employees who lack knowledge of the laws and ordinances, therefore, they are unable to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their jobs to the best advantage of responsible residents of Pottstown.

Example:  Recently, a homeowner who is struggling with loud disruptions from the tenants, in the attached twin, were informed by a borough employee:  “There is no Noise Ordinance in Pottstown?”

There IS a noise ordinance.   Ordinance #2058

Enforcement of many many ordinances has been inconsistent and haphazard – a symptom of ineffective leadership.

We encourage borough management to begin to effect tangible results in the areas of crime, blight and poorly managed rental properties –  THESE ARE PRIORITIES FOR THE TAXPAYERS.


 Regarding Pottstown’s Crime Rate:

Pottstown’s Crime Rate Is A CRIME

**this post solicited two very hateful comments that were sent from the IP address of borough hall and were not approved for publication, at Roy’s discretion, although they are preserved.

Clearly, this is not the kind of activity that should be encouraged or condoned by management…

just as objectionable as the use of  borough computers/emails to share sexual and racist humor among co-workers.

2 responses to “Questions of Credibility….

  1. someone definitely needs to contact the state attorney generals office and or kathleen kane the incoming attorney general to do a full outside investigation on this…its bad enough when you mis-represent the constituents of the borough but even worse when you use their tax dollars to fund it

  2. This kinda of shit is why Norristown now has no mayor. Misuse of funds, scandals, etc…Norristown is a bit better for it. I’m not calling for no mayor in Pottstown, but I think some sort of outside investigation needs to be done. Unfortunately, too small an amount of people are complaining, so unfortunately, nothing will be done.

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