The Citizens Action Committee For Pottstown Seeks To Topple Toroney – Usher In New Era Of Safety And Prosperity


In a moment, we will re-post the first of Roy’s blog posts that itemizes violence that has occurred in Pottstown over the past couple weeks. We understand that the PPD believe the shootings are not arbitrary. Be that as it may, a victim was shot in Tuesday afternoon’s shooting on Chestnut & Franklin St. Police also acknowledge that he was not the intended target. The time of day, 3:15, also suggested that the school children we on their way home. We want immediate recognition that things are way out of control in Pottstown. Peaceful Protest, tomorrow: Monday June 9th 100 E. High St. Borough Hall 6:15. Council is at 7PM we’ll speak to council and encourage you to as well.

Originally posted on Roy's Rants - For Your Information:

The most common type of gun confiscated by pol... The most common type of gun confiscated by police and traced by the ATF are .38 special revolvers, such as this Smith and Wesson Model 60 .38 Special revolver with a 3-inch barrel. LaPierre, Wayne (1994). Guns, Crime, and Freedom . Regnery Publishing. p. 58. ISBN 0895264773. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

POTTSTOWN, PA – In response to increased and ongoing violent crime in 2014 (more than 5 gun related crimes since May 18th), THE RESIDENTS OF POTTSTOWN REQUEST THAT COUNCIL PRESIDENT, STEVE TORONEY, STEP DOWN FROM OFFICE.

Statistics bear out the increased crime in our community but the real story lies in the individual experiences of loss and hardship.  There is a vanishing sense of well-being and safety as homeowners lose their homes and all that they have worked for.  Those who remain have lost all confidence in local government.

Montgomery County continues to warehouse their social services population in…

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