Pottstown Officials Meet, Discuss Residents Apathy…


POTTSTOWN (The Cockroach Report)—Pottstown Officials unveiled their latest offering as artists on Tuesday — a portrait of apathy in Pottstown.

Taking notes at the joint meeting of the borough and school district last Tuesday night Frank Otto, reporter at the Mercury News, quoted Borough Manager Mark Flanders:

“Apathy in this town has driven me nuts during my entire career.”

Council’s “un-plan” for Pottstown has thrown the door open to an influx of new resident renters, creepy slum guys, (keep your eye on Edward Mitchell), many whose government supported lifestyles, (that INCLUDES poverty pimps), perfectly embody the definition of “apathy.”

At this rate…

It’s very likely that Flanders will never become “un-nuts” as long as he’s an official of the borough.

Nevertheless, pronouncing themselves pleased with their portrait of Pottstown, the joint officials said they are getting to work on a new painting entitled:

 “Mommy Never Takes Me To the Drug Infested Playground.”

(illustration by golden cockroach)


Here’s Franks Article, clik on the link (in blue) & be magically transported to the Mercury:

Pottstown Officials Meet, Discuss Pottstown’s Apathy in the Midst of a Community Anti-Violence Movement

One response to “Pottstown Officials Meet, Discuss Residents Apathy…

  1. The call must go out via the Pottstown based blogs, Facebook, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, etc. Residents must push themselves away from the computer screen for a few hours and get their arses to the next council meeting. Fill the room and show them how “apathetic” we are. Stick it right in their smug faces and put the pressure on them to act or be removed.

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