Dog Fighting In Pottstown: Editorial from Roy’s Rants


Let’s support the neighbors from interlopers who are out for a fast buck with no regard for the lives of those that they are ruining.  Scum of the earth income investors, like Faye Denolf and Larry Loffredo must be stopped from ever again renting their property at 244 N. Charlotte St. or any property in Pottstown. The onus is on the “leaders” of this community to get their acts together and do it now.

Lives are increasingly negatively impacted and some are lost every single day in Wards 1, 2 & 3 as it’s increasingly evident that puppy breeding and dog fighting rings are freely operating.  Pit bulls run our streets untethered, many of them abused.  We are all put at risk just walking out our front doors.

Stop wasting our time and our tax money on highfalutin govt. officals presiding over ineffective codes enforcement and lax police services that are accomplishing nothing for the people who pay taxes and live in these wards.

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Pottstown Borough Hall Pottstown Borough Hall

Our scuz-busting friend, the Golden Cockroach, has more horrific news about the results of the absentee extractive investors who have taken over large numbers of properties in Pottstown.  These folks buy up homes for “cents on the dollar” and rent them to anybody who will pay their rent in “cash”, **wink, wink. The properties are not maintained and the tenants are left to run wild and terrorize their neighbors.

The typical absentee extractive investor lives in a large suburban home, in a township where mostly upper middle class white folk congregate.  They take their wads of “rental cash” and do “fun stuff” like take vacations to tropical locations with municipal employees (who also make wads of cash thanks to the overburdened taxpayers in Pottstown).  While these folks are sunbathing, and having drinks with little umbrellas in them, back at the ranch all hell is breaking loose.  OR when…

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