Joshua Owheya – Watch Us Wave You BYE BYE From Your Rearview Mirror …

Joshua SLUM GUY – Owheya – asked his attorney to tell the Cockroach to remove the post about his SLUM PROPERTIES – and apologize – Joshua has a problem with the content of this blog page.  My suggestion to Joshua?  “Save the attorney fees and…

CLEAN UP YOUR DISRESPECTFUL PROPERTIES AND PAY YOUR TAXES AND MUNICIPAL LIENS.”  Then, and ONLY then, will this information be taken off the blog and replaced with rainbows and little puppy dog tails.

No apology however, not now or EVER I haven’t even told HALF the story of this PARASITE’S history in Pottstown and Norristown,  have a look for yourselves:

79 Civil Cases – a quick glance tells us that most of these cases are still open. FOUR FULL PAGES of municipal liens, school tax liens

A VERITABLE GAGGLE OF FLYING DEBT all owed by Joshua Owheya.

 Owheya is ROBBING THE TAXPAYERS in our communities and HE WANTS AN APOLOGY?  Yeah, right dude – when Hell Freezes Over…

Rather that he should be looking for ways to engraciate himself to us, the Norristown and Pottstown taxpayers, who put up with his B.S. and PAY for it too, (through no choice of our own)…GET REAL JOSHUA.


…..AWWWWW but the Cockroach has the finest legal council the State of PA can offer up.  Here’s a refresher course in Jordan’s last appearance on behalf of the Cockroach:   Please let me introduce the most excellent ****Jordan Rushie****  following is his response to SLUM GUY’S attorney:


UPDATE:  2/16/12  Yesterday, we got a desperate call from a single mom and student.  With a few short weeks left to finish her degree program she is being evicted from her home at 106 N. Warren.  Slumlord, Joshua Owheya, left her family without a functioning furnace and only two functional electrical outlets, no overhead lighting, a basement filled with sewage and mold.  That is…just days before he SUED her for back rent.  When he knew the court date was imminent he got busy and had the furnace and electrical fixed…he won, this single mom was ordered by the Judge to pay this man – BUT BUT ….. he’s not paying his debts….  She had to move her family into a hotel over the Thanksgiving holiday, last year, because the situation at her rental home was hazardous.  This cost money.  She had to pay to have her children picked up and dropped off from school each day, (otherwise they walked to school from home), dinners in a restaurant and the expense of a hotel were not part of the plan.  Of course, there was no heat and she did what she had to do to take care of her family.  Mom went to MontCo Legal Aid for help…there was none to be found….too busy in Pottstown and Norristown.  Isn’t it ironic that while MontCo Voucher Housing is busy sending more renters to Pottstown to deal with slumlords who take complete advantage of their ignorance of the law, MontCo Legal Aid is the only resource to help them when the bottom falls out… but they are busy, understaffed and underfunded.  An endless cycle of neglect … and the wheels go round and round.

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JOSHUA OWHEYA OWES OVER $4,000 IN BACK MUNICIPAL FEES,  AND THERE IS A TAX LIEN ON THIS PROPERTY!!  Joshua   has no qualms about putting this single mom and her children on the streets – HOMELESS?   Please, we want to know where the “disconnect” is in this borough and we WANT Joshua OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY NOW.  We want the borough authorities to take the necessary steps to assure he cannot turn around and rent this house to someone else in this condition and MAKE HIM PAY UP.   The taxpayers should NOT be expected to foot the bill for a man who will not do the right thing. 


556 Walnut St. sits exactly as it was left by the destructive tenants, close to a month ago. Joshua Owheya, of  North Wales,  says he’s waiting on his insurance company to help.   We checked this out with an insurance rep. who said, insurance companies DO NOT PAY FOR DESTRUCTIVE TENANTS.   Meanwhile neighbors, (adding insult to injury), are haunted by rodents and insects that have swarmed the garbage left near their own home, water damage to their attic, and the depressing, unsightly mess left by the former tenants.

This is an entirely NEW excuse.  One we’ve not heard before, according to Mr. Owheya:

“The neighbors WATCHED Kimberly damage my property and created unsightly mess in and around the neighborhoods.  None of them spoke up because they were afraid of her.  The neighbors told me they saw drugs being delivered to Kimberly Brooks and her children from time to time.  None of the neighbors mentioned anything to me until she moved out.  The police came several times to arrest both young and adults from the property over the past one year.  None of the neighbors said anything to me because they are afraid of retaliation”.

566 Walnut St. Owner: Joshua Owheya

OK THE NEIGHBORS WERE AFRAID AND THEY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE. What is so crazy about doing the homework on the “front end” to make sure you are renting to people that will live like normal, decent people?    The idea here is that you don’t choose tenants then ask the neighbors to watch them for you.  YOU have a responsibility to check up on your tenants, like every day, if that is what’s warranted.  If you don’t have time to put into your rental property business, this business is not for you.

Word to the Wise:  A TEACHING MOMENT FOR  SLUMLORD “WANNABE’S” —- Don’t use Pottstown as your “training ground” because we guarantee — you will be chewed up and spit out by nasty tenants like Kimberly. And when your tenants are done with you, the neighbors and righteous taxpayers of Pottstown will finish the job…  BECAUSE WE’RE FINISHED WITH THE LIKES OF YOU, WE WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR DIRTY, COSTLY BUSINESS OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY – NOW.

Joshua Owheya told the Cockroaches that KIMBERLY BROOKS and her sons, have a Voucher to cover their rental housing.  He said, she has moved into another Pottstown property since wreaking havoc at the rental at 556 Walnut St.  If you are renting to this person, know this:  you will undoubtedly have the same experience.  A smart rental property owner would check backgrounds, talk with former landlords perform DUE DILIGENCE.  There is nothing stopping the landlords from starting their own “black list”.  For now, we’re going to do it for you here:  DESTRUCTIVE TENANTS – A “heads up” for Property Owners  ONLY because we don’t want these destructive, criminal people in our community.

UNDERSTAND THIS:  Nobody has your back. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE RENTING TO.  If you make the wrong choice of tenants you are vulnerable to a host of repercussions such as:  destruction of your property, codes violations, fines and lawsuits from your neighbors.  You can lose your property to confiscation if criminal activity occurs there.

The neighbors attached row home is taking in water and it is damaging their attic ceiling and walls, (photo’s above).  Joshua has not repaired the detached rain gutter or the damaged roof.  It’s seems likely that his tenants did not climb to the top of the house to cause this damage, more to the point, Joshua did no maintenance. Why?  Perhaps he was afraid of his tenants too?  Or, he thought, (in some fantasmagorical disconnect with reality), that voucher housing would take care of this for him? That the Borough would, maybe the neighbors?  Codes has issued a violation, but STILL there’s been no sight of Joshua at his property.

The day we arrived to take photo’s and speak with neighbors, the listing Agent proceeded us. According to neighbors, Barb declined to enter the house and put the FOR SALE sign in the back yard near the alley, (not in front of the house)?  That’s how Joshua Owheya plans to take care of his problems – SELL THEM to someone else?  Now we wonder, why would an agent even list this property without first insisting that the owner get it under control and presentable?   You know, “STAGING” the property for the best results. Is this property just  going to be “offed” to the next incompetent rental property owner?  Who else would buy it in this condition?

320 W. Walnut St. North Wales Residence of Joshua & Gretchen Owheya (owners of record)

His Business Card says he’s an Investor.  We got an investment idea for you Owheya..igloos in Siberia.  Contact Joshua @ 267-228-0283 that’s the number on the business card he has shared around town.

Joshua and Gretchen Owheya are not strangers to IRRESPONSIBLE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, including unpaid water/sewer and Chapter 13 bankruptcy –  CHECK THIS OUT:  FOUR PAGES of CIVIL JUDGEMENTS for mortgage foreclosures, tax liens, unpaid municipal fees:  type Owheya Joshua into the name fields:

Latest round of water shutoffs showing results for Pottstown

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