Landlord Responsibilities to Neighbors…

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images-1“Landlords need to respect the rights and well-being of the communities in which they own property. State and local laws often specify the ways in which a landlord can be held accountable for the condition of his properties or the behavior of his tenants. Neighbors who are aware of these laws are better able to protect themselves against threats to their health and safety caused by landlord neglect.”

“Preventing a drug dealing operation in your rental property is easier than cleaning one up.  If illegal activity does happen, do not ignore it.  Doing so will cost you big in the end.”  Don’t take chances, screen your tenants.  It’s easier to say no than clean up after a mistake.

Landlord Responsibilities to Neighbors 

Landlords & Property Investments  Landlords have an obligation to screen their tenants well.

“If you allow your property to fall into disrepair, you are not only impacting your bottom line, but you can also bring the community down by lowering property values and quality tenants’ desire to live in the neighborhood. If your property is well maintained, you will be able to attract higher caliber tenants and charge higher rents.”

“Property that is well maintained helps to increase a neighborhood’s value as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood. If retailers notice an area is prospering, they will introduce new commerce to the area. Also, to maintain the property, you can hire local landscapers or repairmen which will further filter money into the community.”

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